Cooperation bikenow

Cooperation with organizations

Our goal is to cycle cities. We dream of more people cycling to work, home, school, business, and more. It is known that cycling promotes health, ecology and significantly saves money.

You can support this idea and get involved:

  • Promote the health of your employees and increase their productivity. Buy corporate season tickets for them with a discount of more than 30%. Does your company have 10 or more employees who need to be promoted further? Email us at з with the subject of the letter “We want corporate subscriptions”.
  • Open a station near your institution. Allow employees, tenants or occupants to join the network and use bicycles. The cost of opening such a station is only UAH 12,000 including VAT. You pay once and connect to the network forever. Contact with a request in the subject of the letter “We want to open a station”.


Do you want non-standard and creative advertising? An ad that many people will see? Advertising that will be everywhere?

Advertising on bikenow bikes covers almost all areas – the center, subway stations, residential complexes, sleeping areas, and recreation areas. Our bicycles move around the city constantly and quickly change their location. They are seen by drivers on the roads, vacationers in parks and squares, pedestrians and many other people. Advertising of this format has a wide rate of permeability to mass and visibility.

If you want to place your ad on bikenow bicycles, please contact