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bikenow - Ukrainian bike sharing service
Our Features

We work for the safe and comfortable movement of the city by the most environmentally friendly mode of transport

  • Flexible rates
  • Availability of bicycles 24/7
  • Convenient application
  • More than 2000 bicycles
Company History
About the renting services history
Getting Started Nextbike.kyiv
The test launch of stationless Nextbike bicycle rental took place in Kyiv.
Unlike many European city rentals, stationless (or non-terminal) bicycle rental is being introduced in Kyiv. Metal racks and special terminals are not used for bicycle parking.
Network expansion
Successfully opened new season. Company has added several locations. The bicycle park has been enlarged. Documents for participation in the investment competition are submitted, as a result of which a winner must provide the city of Kyiv with a sufficient number of bicycles and locations. Winning the competition.
Work during quarantine
Due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine, the company started the season earlier. During the quarantine, more than 20 locations were opened in the city and a special price for season tickets was provided.
Management board decides to change the name, application and brand of bicycles. Preference was given to domestic brains. Nextbike.kyiv becomes bikenow. Several tariffs are added, the price for irregular trips decreases, a more convenient application, the number of bicycles increases.