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PRICES bikenow

One-time bicycle trip (irregular)

5 UAH unlocking + 0.5 UAH / min

  • There are no free minutes

Regular cycling (package minutes)

400 minutes / 30 days 170 UAH.

800 minutes / 30 days 280 UAH.

2000 minutes / 30 days 550 UAH.

Scooter rides

9 UAH unlocking + 1.9 UAH / minute (working day)

9 UAH unlocking + 2.5 UAH / minute  (day off)

When connecting from the card  UAH 5 is deducted – this is a pre-authorization by the bank, which will be returned within a day or sooner, depending on the bank.

Payment for rent can also be made with bonuses (up to 20% of the cost of the trip). Go to your profile in the application, find the secret code and send it to your friend. You will both receive bonuses after your friend’s first trip.

To use the rental system you need

  1. 1
    Download the bikenow mobile app
    GooglePlay or Apple Store
  2. 2
    Register in the system
    Enter phone number, name and e-mail
  3. 3
    Attach a card
    Used to pay for one-time trips or season tickets


    1. Fine for parking outside the service area/in the restricted area defined by the mobile app in Kyiv, UAH 1,000, if this led to the theft/disappearance of a bicycle UAH 16,000/scooter UAH 21,000.
    2. Fine for parking outside the stations of Lviv UAH 250, outside Lviv UAH 1,000, if this led to the theft/disappearance of a bicycle UAH 16,000.
    3. Fines specified in clause 1-2 of this section shall also apply if the trip was completed on the grounds of lack of funds in the account.
    4. Fine for remote unlocking of a scooter/bicycle lock UAH 1,500, if it led to the theft of a bicycle UAH 16,000/scooter UAH 21,000.
    5. Fine for actions/inaction of the User that caused the call/need for the arrival of the Lessor’s technician UAH 500.
    6. Fine for improper termination of the rental (without locking the bicycle/scooter), remote unlocking of the scooter/bicycle UAH 1,500, if this led to the theft/disappearance of the bicycle UAH 16,000/scooter UAH 21,000.
    7. Fine for damage/destruction of a bicycle UAH 16,000/scooter UAH 21,000, which are not subject to repair/restoration.
    8. Losses in the amount of the cost of repair/restoration of the bicycle/scooter in case of damage to the bicycle/scooter.
    9. Fine for failure to provide a photographic evidence of a bicycle/scooter (absence of a photo in the app after the trip) UAH 500.
    10. Bicycle/scooter rental over 12 hours UAH 1,000, over 24 hours UAH 15,000.
    11. Fine for using a bicycle/scooter by more than one person (regardless of age) per bicycle/scooter UAH 500 per each person.
    12. Fine for transporting a load in a bicycle basket over 5 kg UAH 500.
    13. Fine for failure to report a breakdown of a bicycle/scooter, which occurred during the User’s trip UAH 250, with the latter’s obligation to reimburse the cost of repairing the bicycle/scooter (the cost of the bicycle/scooter if it cannot be repaired).
    14. If the next User, after using the bicycle/scooter by the previous User, informs the Lessor about the detected defect/malfunction of the bicycle/scooter, the previous User is obliged to pay the Lessor a fine and damages and the cost of bicycle/scooter delivery services.